PointWorks Software

PointWorks software is included with Acuity's AL-500 and AL-500AIR scanning Lidar systems. PointWorks demonstrates the capabilities of the AL-500 and AL-500AIR and can be used to perform scanning and collect and view point cloud data. Scans can be displayed as they are being acquired or after collection. PointWorks also demonstrates the AL-500 real-time application programming interface, and includes a Windows executable and platform independent C++ source for the API to be used as a basis for application development.

Pointworks also provides point cloud export in standard file formats including .LAS for use with the many point cloud processing and solid modeling software packages available. Documentation can be found in the AL-500 and AL-500AIR User Manuals.

  • Simple, one-screen control of all AL-500 or AL-500AIR capabilities
  • Real-time graphic display of scan data as it is collected
  • Scan data acquired and saved in native AL-500 format and exported to standard file formats
  • OpenGL based interactive viewing and movement within clouds of tens of millions of points
  • Depth mapping by color with any color cycle rate
  • Clipping by min and max distance, angle, and Z, Y, and Z values for clear detail visualization
  • Automatic or adjustable processing of oversampled point data for high resolution output
  • Display of grayscale images collected with AL-500 scans
  • Basic flyover demonstrates programming automated point of view trajectories
  • Windows executable and API C++ source code included

Acuity Scanning API for Linux and Win10

Source code for controlling the AL-500 and AL-500AIR and collecting scans are supported under Windows 10 and Linux. A standalone demonstration application for connecting to a scanner, configuring scan parameters, obtaining scan data, and storing it to disk is included. API documentation is found in the AL-500 and AL-500AIR Users Manuals.