The AL-500 is a two-axis laser scanning system for autonomous vehicles, industrial use, and general 3D scene capture. By combining a fast vertical scan rate with precison turret rotation the AL-500 can acquire range imagery across a wide range of scan speeds and resolutions. Vertical and horizontal sweep rates, fields of view, and laser pulse rate are controlled from the notebook based interface or from software commands and data transfer via ethernet.

Acuity's PointWorks software comes with the AL-500 and includes C++ source for control and data collection that can be used as a basis for application programming. Pointworks also provides point cloud visualization in real time during acquisition and data export in standard file formats. For advanced processing, PointWorks output can be used with any of several available point cloud manipulation and registration packages.

Specifications and Performance
  • Compact high resolution imaging LIDAR for mobile and stationary depth map capture applications
  • Full high density imaging capability with uniformly spaced points
  • Up to 800,000 points/second peak sampling rate
  • Safest Laser Classification: Class I Laser Product
  • IP67 sealed, dry nitrogen filled for all-weather and permanent outdoor installations
  • 120 degree by 360 degree field of view of up to 6667 by 40,000 samples
  • Maximum range: 150 meters standard, options up to 500 meters
  • 1σ measurement precision: 0.3" (8mm) in High Speed Mode, .04" (1mm) in High Resolution Mode
  • Grayscale scene images registered with range data
  • Two axis inclinometer data: ±18°, .01° resolution
  • Up to 360 lines/second elevation line scan rate
  • 0 to 10 revolutions per second azimuth scan rate
  • 1.0 nanosecond laser pulsewidth
  • Image capture or continuous real-time scanning
  • Rapid direction reversal for repeating scans
  • Adjustable short range sensitivity attenuation for close-in fog and dust rejection
  • 100Mb ethernet interface software with command and data channels
  • Field update capability for firmware upgrades and customized features
  • PointWorks scan capture and point processing software with interface source code
Configuration Options

As a long-time industrial sensor manufacturer Acuity recognizes that one size does not necessarily fit all. That's why the AL-500 is designed to be configured for a wide range of sample rates, scan speeds, lasers, and environmental conditions.