If you have a need for a 3D acquisition system with requirements that our standard products do not meet, we still want to talk. Often these requirements involve only small changes such as drop-in replacements for lasers or trading laser pulse power for pulse repetition rate.

We also have the electronics, optics, and software capabilities to create more specialized solutions. Customization can include things such as very light weight systems for airborne applications, forward looking or full spherical scan patterns, or smaller motors and optics for minaturized LIDAR systems.

Examples of Possible Reconfigurations
  • 2000 foot, 40,000 samples per second version of the AL-500 LIDAR
  • Tracking LIDAR with motors controlled by range and/or video imagery
  • X-Y resolution of 2.5 mm in a range span from 6 to 8 meters from the LIDAR
  • Blue laser LIDAR and active flash imaging systems for profiling hot, glowing materials
  • Forward looking LIDAR with a 60° X-Y field of view and 800,000 point images in one second