Structured Light Photogrammetry: Laser Pattern Based Surface Capture

Photo, 3D Model, and Profile of Aircraft Skin Section with 22X Vertical Magnification
  • A high density 2D coded pattern of laser light is projected onto a scene which is imaged with a high resolution color camera.
  • The uniquely coded pattern can determine relative positions of widely separated objects.
  • Captures shape and color for realistic presentation of models in simulated lighting.
  • Allows free placement of the camera and projector for capture of large, small, and complex objects.
  • Captures up to 1 million 3D points per view. Multiple views may be captured and combined for higher resolution.
  • Freezes motion in three dimensions. Allows analysis of complex transient and vibratory behavior by capturing full resolution motion snapshots with sub-microsecond laser flash and exposure times.
  • Full field of view (object size) from 3 inches to 30 feet in extent. With higher projector power options this can be increased to over 100 feet.
  • Point position resolution of 1 part in 10,000, with accuracy of better than .0005 inches on small objects.